BI for the Business User

According to Software Advice, a BI Market Research company, · more than 60 percent of prospective BI software buyers are not IT professionals. Instead they have job titles that correspond with business professionals like CFO, Operations Manager, or Marketing Executive. · 

Almost half of all prospective buyers are looking for BI software in order to better visualize their data. Similarly, the most-requested BI tools among buyers are dashboards and scorecards. · 

All but a small fraction of prospective BI software buyers want integrated suites, but remain unsure of a deployment model.

Overwhelmingly, prospects want to implement a BI tool that can pull data from their existing systems into easily visible dashboards. They want to pull data from their SQL server, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint and Excel applications. And they want to do this with an integrated suite— a single BI system that houses multiple tools (e.g., dashboards and scorecards and ad-hoc reporting) all in one place. 

Dashboards and Scorecards Top List of Desired Tools. Software Advice finds that among both integrated suite and best-of-breed prospects, customisable dashboards and scorecards were the most sought-after BI tool features. Query and report writing is the second-most popular category of tools. 

Topaz Solutions can help you with an effective BI implementation with tools like BI360, a fully customisable Reporting. Budgeting, Dashboard and data warehouse solution that is made for the business user and not the IT professional. Talk to us today about how we can empower you.

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Sunday, 18 November 2018

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