Hartmut co-founded the company in 1992. In his role, he can draw on the experience from his involvement with a great variety of IT related projects in different responsibilities. Hartmut continues to actively direct and manage the company, bringing international experience to the table due to his European background.

BI for the Business User

According to Software Advice, a BI Market Research company, · more than 60 percent of prospective BI software buyers are not IT professionals. Instead they have job titles that correspond with business professionals like CFO, Operations Manager, or Marketing Executive. · Almost half of all prospective buyers are looking for BI sof...
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An effective Board is no Luxury

Great businesses know where they are going and how they're going to get there. They also know nothing is more important than performance and delivering a good return. When people talk about company governance they're usually talking about the role of the board of directors. Boards exist to ensure a company is well run, and well governe...
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Harry Poland
08 December 2015
While collaborating within one's company may seem easier than collaborating externally, many businesses have a rather rigid functional barrier, so internal collaboration can be a challenge. Indeed, in...