Can a new ERP and Finance solution really raise productivity dramatically?

I see all the time Finance teams wanting to improve their companies productivity and also their customer's experience. 

A lot of the time they are relying on foundation accounting and business practices based in the 1930's, and expecting these same practices to deliver the results wanted in the 2015 era. When Topaz has implemented a modern ERP and Finance platform like, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we see the adaptive organisation's staff gravitating to improvements. 

Not just changing the "deck chairs".  Rather material changes that provide better controls and better information sharing. 

Things like helping managers truly understand allocations and their effect on profitability. Helping the same managers pull together and stop internal cross charges to hide inefficiencies. 

If the above sounds like you and you would like to move forward in a very safe and effective way, give me a call.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

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