Fear of changing Finance and ERP systems

Have you talked with people that have really struggled implementing a new Financial or ERP business software solution?  You know, the core business software to manage Sales, Purchasing, Payables, Assets, Warehousing and distribution and/or Manufacturing plus all of the processes in-between.

When you read in the press some of the spectacular failures from the "big 3" ERP software providers, it's a wonder New Zealand business want to take on the massive risks and poor track record of these larger more complex solutions.  Especially when more modern and flexible software solutions are available.

These larger solution providers seam to scare business into thinking the software should dictate to the business the processes most suited to them, and to avoid any and all customisations at any cost.  Given this approach has led to failure and companies losing their differentiation, its not surprising upgrades or replacements are treated with such fear.

Topaz Solutions, with over 22 years' worth of experience in New Zealand, have not had one ERP implementation failure!

We have replaced many times the "big three" vendors systems costing our Clients a whole-heap-less while totally avoiding the risks and fears associated with larger, inflexible software.  Staff are delighted with the ease and flexibility and business can scale growth with marginal costs.  Keen to talk?  Call or email me today.

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ERP and BI: When 1 + 1 = 3


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Saturday, 23 March 2019

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