Intra-Company Collaboration

While collaborating within one's company may seem easier than collaborating externally, many businesses have a rather rigid functional barrier, so internal collaboration can be a challenge. Indeed, in the IDC Manufacturing Insights 2014 Supply Chain Survey, when asked what aspect of collaboration was a priority, the largest response was to focus on collaboration "within our business" – see chart below​

Over the course of many conversations with manufacturers on the topic of intra company collaboration, three priorities bubbled to the surface: 

  1. Improve customer service 
  2. Increase the performance of the new product development and introduction (NPDI) process 
  3. Reduce costs 

While these priorities may seem, on the surface, to be "motherhood and apple pie," they are ultimately what will determine whether a business is successful or not. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Finance and ERP solution enables users to collaborate within the application with its inbuilt "Notification" capability. It enables you to attach a note to any record in the application. For example, if you have extra information about a sales order that does not fit in any of the fields on the sales order, you can write a note. Then it will be available on the sales order window for you and any of your colleagues that look at the sales order. 

You can have the note appear as a notification on your colleague's Role Centre—or even on your own Role Centre, as a reminder. When you or your colleague reads the notification, they can open the sales order just by double-clicking the notification. 

Contact Topaz Solutions and find out how your business can improve intra-company communications using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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