Will we need offices in ten years’ time because of mobile software solutions?

Seeing the frightening traffic in Auckland and Wellington every morning you have to ask yourself WHY? Why do we lose so much productive time lining up in traffic, paying exorbitant parking fees and maintaining expensive cars? 

The mobile generation appear to have the answers here. Stop spending money on making people behave as sheep, e.g. all starting work at the same time and build yet more roads, buss-ways and railway lines.  And start lifting our game and leverage the amazing mobile technology now available. 

This is now a reality with fully mobile responsive technology like Microsoft NAV 2016. This enterprise class ERP and Finance solution adapts it's interface, GUI if you like, based on your device to optimise your experience, while also maintaining familiarity.

It's no longer remote access. Rather immersive technology enabling you to full participate with your teams no matter where you are. And be more productive and happier with your environment. Perhaps mobile is the new Office of the future. 

We've found at Topaz embracing this mobile generation dramatically lifts productivity. On-line meetings generally achieve more and take less time. We can have a "stand-up-morning-meeting" at home while everyone else is stuck in traffic. We then can be far more productive, on the phone in cars and buses, and move things forward that we just discussed and prioritised.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

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