Are you a FMCG company or Food Merchandiser looking for an ideal New Zealand Finance and ERP system?  

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Do you need your new Finance ERP system specifically tuned for New Zealand business conditions?

Providing an easy to use globally recognised Finance and ERP Sales and Operational Planning system, with over 1.7 Million users worldwide, that's specifically designed for New Zealand companies like Food Merchandisers is a challenge. Often you're trading off stability of a large system with their costs, cost of customisation verses a smaller system you'll replace in 1-2 years.
Also, what are you going to do with your trading partners and Electronic Data Interchange interfaces ("EDI")? Manually?
Topaz removes these constraints and provide
  • A tuned version on Dynamics NAV specifically for NZ FMCG Companies
  • It delivers robust and easy to use Financials combined with FMCG Sales and Operations processes
  • Inventory Management, Sales Forecasting and Procurement planning
  • Plus Electronic Data Interchange interfaces with leading NZ Retailers and Banks
This all adds up to allow you to take on the "big guys". All at a fraction of the cost of what the "big guys" pay! 
Interested, want to try Dynamics NAV yourself?